AI-msterdam #02, Riso Print

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Is this Amsterdam? Midjourney AI was asked to generate a map of the city. Outputs featured randomised yet recogniseable motifs like concentric canal rings and the IJ river, a reminder this is an image of a map of Amsterdam, not an accurate graphic. 

Despite its shortcomings are we already relying too heavily on AI and expecting accuracy from its results? 


  • Each print is signed 
  • Small batch printing made in Amsterdam
  • Printed label explaining this data visualisation and history of Risograph production process is included



DIMENSIONS  — A3 (297 x 420mm)

DESIGN — AI Generated shapes edited with colours and patterns and printed in Riso

3 COLOUR PRINT — Red, Neon Pink and Blue Risograph Print

PAPER — 160gsm Biotop

PRODUCTION — Printed by hand in Amsterdam

Packaged in an acid free, pH neutral pergamine sleeve


Perfect for those who want to capture a memory of where they've travelled or the place they call home.