Mull & Mill is the creation of graphic designer and artist Leanna McAlpine.


I craved a place where I could experiment and be creative based on self-driven briefs. My aim is to develop a unique style and create quality printed products that are not only visually intriguing but add value and inform. Exemplifying data from our natural world in all its beauty and variation felt like the right place to root these studies. I believe people are craving products that add value to their life or to give as gifts to loved ones.


Mull & Mill creates limited edition printed goods for you to cherish. Unique data patterns exploring the natural world are perfect gifts to visualise memories of travel adventures or connect you to the seasons in the place you call home. Studio based in Amsterdam.

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Behind the Scenes

Mull & Mill wouldn't be possible without the generosity of individuals in Amsterdam's creative community. In particular the option to rent studios from the following partners and the advice I've received has been invaluable:

Thomas Gravemaker
Letterpress Amsterdam

Aafke Mertens


Additional Credits:
Coaching/Branding - Studio Palea
Photography - Daan Paans ('Below the Sea' series)

Detail of Pressing Matters Dutch Courage article



Printing in Dutch
Parkside Gallery, Birmingham (UK)

Leave Quietly:
Printmakers Connect Members Exhibition
Bolivar Art Gallery, University of Kentucky’s School of Art and Visual Studies (US)
Mirabo Press, Buffalo NY (US)
Fluxus Chapel, Mumbai (India)


Printing in Dutch
The Gallery, Theatre Severn, Shrewsbury (UK)
Museum Resource Centre, Ludlow (UK)



Dutch Courage
Pressing Matters, ISSUE 15