Minimal yet intricate, this unique print informs and inspires.

For those with an appetite for data-visualisation, this piece is a great conversation starter, a memory of a travel adventure or keepsake of the place you call home.

The perfect gift for the traveller or designer who is all about the details. 



So what is it exactly?

Nearly 27% of the Netherlands is below sea level with a vast network of polders and dykes keeping the North Sea at bay. Where the cyan and magenta shapes meet it reveals this immense area of land Below the Sea.


Hand clipping Letterpress patterned map of The Netherlands to wall. Magenta and blue patterned kaba ornaments.

An intriguing insight into this fascinating country below sea level

  • Limited Edition Print signed and numbered
  • Extracted from real data and translated into a letterpress art print
  • Packaged with a label explaining this data-visualisation and the Kaba ornaments used to create this piece
  • Printed on 100% cotton paper

 Triptych of Navy letterpress map 'Below the Sea' showing 2 layers of coloured print next to final print on wall.



DIMENSIONS — A3 (297 x 420mm)

LIMITED EDITION — of 25 prints

DESIGN — Area below sea level in the Netherlands

TWO COLOUR PRINT —   Cyan and Magenta

PAPER — 300gsm 100% Cotton (Gmund Eco certification)

PRODUCTION — Letterpress printed by hand on 1965 Korrex Hannover 

PACKAGING — Acid free, pH neutral pergamine sleeve with backing board. Wrapped in tissue paper and packed flat.

 Detail of Below the Sea letterpress data map of the Netherlands in magenta and cyan.

The harmonious singular shape of the Kaba ornament can be configured to generate a seemingly infinite combination of patterns.

This print was set by hand with approx. 9,000 individual 10pt Kaba ornaments. These ornaments were designed by Dutch typographer Bram de Does. Only one set exist in the world and can only be used with permission at Letterpress Amsterdam.