Shapes of Haarlem

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This print visualises centuries of growth across the beautiful city of Haarlem. 

At what rate do our urban landscapes evolve and what shapes do they morph into over time? This map depicts four growth periods of Haarlem’s shifting city boundaries based on the historical map ‘Haarlem in den ouden tijd’ (1881) from the Rijksmuseum collection. 


  • Each print is signed 
  • Small batch printing made in Amsterdam
  • Printed label explaining this data visualisation and history of Risograph production process is included



DIMENSIONS  — A3 (297 x 420mm) or A5 (148.5 x 210mm)

DESIGN — Based on historical map 'Haarlem in de ouden tijd' (1881) from the Rijksmuseum collection

2 COLOUR PRINT — Neon Pink and Aqua Risograph

PAPER — 170gsm Munken Lynx

PRODUCTION — Printed by hand in Amsterdam

Packaged in an acid free, pH neutral pergamine sleeve


Perfect for those who want to capture a memory of where they've travelled or the place they call home.